22 Kasım 2011 Salı

Garena Maphack 1.26

maphack is ready for use.
it works with 1.26 patch
no waiting 5 seconds
options to become admin
can kick someone from a game or lag him
removes fog from maps
u can see the signals of other team

First of all u need to exit garena before starting garena maphack.we will join garena by garena maphack.
After downloading the link below open the rar file and run  garenamaster_full.exe .U will see a command line.Type 1 and click enter and downloand the opening page and run it
then open  garenamaster_full.exe again and type 2 to command line this time and click enter.Again download and run it.
finally run  garenamaster_full.exe  one more time and u will see a screen like that

Wait 5 seconds and

After that garena will open and maphack is ready to use


İf u wanna change the maphack's settings

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